Lost Tapes, "Devil Dragon" is the 6th episode of the series, aired January 20th 2009.

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 6 - Devil Dragon

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 6 - Devil Dragon


In 2007, amateur adventurer Tim Akrin attempted to film the pilot episode of his survival reality show, Stranded, in the Daintree Rainforest of Australia. The premise of his show is he will be dropped into remote locations without any crew or means of contact to civilization and attempt to survive for seven days. On Day 1, he attempts to show the audience how to make a shelter to avoid venomous snakes and rain, and then goes out to look for food. He discovers human bones in the jungle, and mentions some of the dangerous animals in the rainforest before deciding to reshoot the scene. While his back is turned, a large, scaly form bumps the camera as it walks by. When Akrin sees this, he thinks nothing of whatever could have knocked it over. He goes on to demonstrate aboriginal techniques for finding food in the form of grubs under tree bark. He discovers a den in the forest and tries to find out what kind of animal is inside, using another aboriginal technique to do so. However, while he does so, Akrin is suddenly bitten viciously on the arm by an unseen creature inside the lair but he pulls free.

After bandaging his wound, he tries to start a campfire, but is unable to do so because of his injury. That night, it begins to rain and he decides to show the audience what the rainforest is like at night. He hears strange sounds coming from the bush and claims that the creature making the sounds has been prowling nearby for a while. He tries to scare it off, but to no avail. As soon as he wakes up on Day 2, Akrin notes that he feels sick, and his arm has become swollen and discolored, apparently badly infected with some kind of blood poisoning. He concludes that he must try to reach a village a few miles north of his location. As he makes his trek, he hears hissing in the jungle; the creature is stalking him, and he concludes that it is not a crocodile.

The infection becomes increasingly worse, causing Akrin to begin vomiting. After it becomes dark, Akrin becomes utterly lost, constantly plagued by the strange calls of the creature and tries in vain to scare it away. He finally makes one last desperate break for the village, but becomes even more ill as he does so. When it becomes obvious that he will not reach the village, he uses his last minutes to send a message to his wife Catherine and daughter Maria. He suddenly hears the sounds of the megalania growing closer: it has become fed up with waiting for him to die. He tries to run, but the creature catches up and drags him off into the dark of the jungle. Tim Akrin's body was never found, but his camera was recovered by aboriginal trail guides less than a quarter of a mile from their village. The camera was covered with saliva, which was swarming with bacteria that belonged to no known species of reptile. 

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