the hellhound shown in lost tapes.

The Black Shuck is a type of Hellhound from England. It is known to live in English Graveyards.


A Black Shuck is a black phantom dog(hence it's name), it has yellow eyes (or red eyes) and it can dissapear into the night.

When it leaves a area, the ground it was standing on was scorching hot, meaning it destroys the ground it stands on.


According to English legend it says if you see it three times you will meet an untimely demise.

As seen in Lost Tapes.Edit

Thiswas proven in lost tapes when the group [of goth kids] first saw it, it made a loud roar, then went away, when they kept running away from it, someone would look back, when they finally got back to the car, they distracted the driver, and they crashed.

Only Nora Callarman survived (only because she was blindfolded and did not see the hellhound at all until the very end), but was never seen again. There were no records of Nora being registered in the university. In the end she had left the scene of the car accident with the dog at her side (more friendly to her now) which indicates that Nora is a ghost, and a phantom at that.

Other HellhoundsEdit

These Hellhounds are related to Black Shuck, but are not seen in Lost Tapes.

  • Pero Negro, the church yard stalker of Mexico.
  • Shunka Warak'in, the huge wolf that destroyed Native Amarican villages.
  • The Black Dog of the West Peak of the Hanging Hills of Meriden, Connecticut