Cave Demon

An example of a Cave Demon as seen on Lost Tapes

Cave Demons are bat-like creatures that have been known to terrorize their enemies when they are disturbed.


They are described as having black or gray fur, a monkey-like face, clawed feet and a 10-15 foot wingspan. In other stories of war soldiers, they have described as having eerie feminine features. As Corporal Wade had mistook one of the creatures as a woman upon first glance in the episode.

Other Names for Huge BatsEdit

The following is from the Lost Tapes site description:

GIANT BAT PEOPLE: In Brazil they are called "bat people." In Mexico, an ancient Mayan cult worshiped the "death bat." The rainforests of Java echo the cries of a bat creature called the "Athol" because of its distinct "a-hool" vocalization. In Vietnam they are known as "night flyers." These winged humanoids are generally 5 feet tall with eerie feminine features. They are known to swoop down on their victims and attack several times.

AFRICAN CAVE DEMONS: The continent of Africa has reported many sightings of bat-like beasts. In Cameroon, it is called the "Olitiau," an immense bat creature that was seen by famed naturalist Ivan T. Sanderson in 1932 while on expedition. In Senegal, the creature is called "Guiafairo." In Ghana, the bat-like creature is called "Sasabonsam." A similar creature exists in Madagascar and is called the "Fangalabolo," and in Indonesia, tales of the "Organ-Bati" abound where the creature is said to roost in an extinct volcano and snatch children.

Kills in Lost TapesEdit

Two. Corporal Latrel Wade is attacked, killed, and even partially decapitated by an unknown flying creature. The other corporal, Derek Sawyer's death is unknown. It's possible that the creatures themselves were killed as well.