Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 1 - Chupacabra-0

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 1 - Chupacabra-0

Chupacabre title card

This is the first episode of the Lost Tapes series. It features a mexican family who are trying to cross the American-Mexican border who are suddenly attacked by the chupacabra . It was aired on October 30, 2008


On July 5, 2006, the Ramirez family in Nogales, Mexico are celebrating their daughter Eva's birthday, and receive two gifts from Eva's brother: one is a video camera, and the other is a letter saying that they will be brought across the border into Arizona. Eva's father Carlos is excited about going to America, but her mother and grandmother are concerned about the great danger that will be involved, ranging from dangerous animals to heat exposure. Nonetheless, they prepare to leave for the border. Two days later, they are taken into the Sonora Desert by a coyote, but he suddenly stops at around noon, two hours away from the border: instead of fulfilling his part of the bargain, the coyote abandons them in the desert, taking their money and water with him. With few other options, they decide to try to reach the border on foot; Eva suddenly drops her camera without realizing it, but is reminded of it by Carlos. As she goes to retrieve the camera, she suddenly hears a fierce snarl coming from the brush, but makes nothing of it. At about 8:30 in the evening, at the border area, they begin to hear growling and hissing nearby; this worries them, but Carlos tells them to ignore it. Suddenly, they are attacked by an unseen creature. Meanwhile, two American border-patrol agents, T. Valentine and M. Santino, receive a report that the Ramrirez family is trying to cross the border illegally and go to apprehend them; the same thermal images from a UAV that show them where the Ramirez family is also show that their attacker is a strange, dog-like creature. When they arrive at the scene, following conflicting reports of three, then four, and then zero people in the desert, they discover the bodies of Eva's parents. They at first attribute their deaths to heat exposure, but suddenly find their necks have three unusual puncture marks on them, and they are mysteriously drained of blood. While Valentine calls in the deaths, Santino hears bizarre sounds coming from a nearby bush and goes to investigate. Instead, he discovers Eva, who is terrified but unhurt, and hiding from her parents' attacker. As darkness falls, they take Eva to their car; Valentine tries to console her and acquire information while Santino searches the area for other survivors. He hears strange sounds coming from the darkness, and finds animal carcasses which have been similarly drained of blood. After a while, he runs back to the car, telling Valentine to join him so that they can find and destroy whatever is making the sounds, knowing that it is extremely dangerous. They search in the dark of the brush, and are suddenly confronted by the chupacabra, which is seen only as a pair of glowing eyes, and they open fire, and run back to their car just as backup arrives. The agents' official report stated that the cause of death for Eva's parents was unknown, but noted the puncture mark and missing blood. Eva was returned to her grandmother in Nogales, but was plagued by nightmares of the creature. The official report made no mention of any unknown animal, and whether or not the chupacabra escaped or killed by the border patrol agents remains a mystery. For Eva, the encounter was all too real.