Death Raptor

Death Raptor as seen in Lost Tapes

Death Raptor (aka Owlman of Mawnan) is a cryptid that was first reported in the rural village in Cornwall, England in 1976.


According to the Lost Tapes site description, "[t]he Owlman is described as half-man/half-owl, 4-5 feet tall with gray feathers and large clawed feet. It's said that the Owlman makes loud screeching and hissing sound.

Kills in Lost TapesEdit

No one was really killed, but Hazel Van Lear, a mentally unstable woman who had a terrifying encounter with the Owlman, sacrificed herself to the creature for Sue Ann Mills, a young girl who was being stalked by the creature and was captured by the Owlman. Hazel's disappearance was never officially explained (body never recovered). The paranormal investigators Peter Grey, Jolene Sharrock, and Sue Ann survived. Though the creature was never seen again, locals still report hearing strange sounds in the woods near the church. In November 2013, the death raptor was see flying around Passaic, New Jersey.