Devil Dragon

Devil Dragon as seen in Lost Tapes

The Devil Dragon (aka Megalania) is said to be a giant, prehistoric lizard that continues to roam the rainforests of Australia some 40,000 years after it is said to have gone extinct.


It is said to be twice the size of today's Komodo dragon, growing to be at least 20 to 25 feet long. According to the Lost Tapes site, it is considered as a living fossil, "known to science as Megalania prisca, the largest ground-dwelling lizard that's ever lived...[w]ith large, serrated teeth that bend inward and sharp claws for ripping through flesh, Megalania was likely a fearsome predator." 


The dragon is a stalking predator. It first bites its prey and then follows the victim. The saliva of the Megalania is highly toxic which can cause the bite wound to become infected. The toxin flows through the bloodstream, causing bloodclots, and attacks the heart and lungs. This is a known condition known as septis and symptoms include agrivation, irritation, confusion, halucinations and eventually, death. When the prey is severely weakened by septis, the dragon charges and drags the prey to a safer area for consumption. The creature can devour a carcass quickly, causing victims to mysteriously vanish. The powerful tail can probably be used to attack rival crocodiles or other dragons. The Megalania has a diet similar to the Komodo Dragon. The diet includes humans.

Kills in Lost TapesEdit

Only the amateur adventurer Tim Akrin who struggles with paranoia in the Daintree Rainforest of Australia for his survival reality show ,Stranded ,while looking for a village. Akrin was bitten by the Devil Dragon earlier in the day and suffers from the symptoms that come from the bacteria on his wound. He was dragged off by the Devil Dragon at night and his body was never found. The camera that was left behind had contained bacteria that belonged to no known species of reptile.