Dover Demon

Dover Demon as seen in Lost Tapes

The Dover Demon is a cryptid that appears only in Dover, Massachusetts and was first sighted on April 21, 1977.


According to the Lost Tapes description, it can be described as an "alien-like creature that has a watermelon-shaped head and a body like a lanky monkey. The demon also had very large eye sockets with glowing eyes, but no other perceptible facial features were reported. The demon appeared to stand no more than 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall with a hairless body and a bright orange skin tone."


Many scientists and other experts have tried to figure out what the Dover Demon could possibly be. Some say it is an alien or mutant animal. Zoologists believed that the demon could have been a baby moose (having similar features to the demon). "However, Lorne Coleman, a cryptozoologist, thinks that line of reasoning is flawed since no moose existed in eastern Massachusetts during that time, plus young moose are much larger than the creature Dover witnesses saw."


The Dover Demon is depicted as being a fiercely territorial creature that will attack and even kill anyone that comes within its territory. However, it is also seems to be curious as it observes the group for a few hours before it attacks. The creature is clever enough to build traps such as pitfalls, presumably to trap potential prey or invaders. The demon's hunting method is to herd potential prey or invaders into this trap where it will then finish them off. The Dover Demon also seems to like to toy with its prey since it seems to deceive Chad into shooting Royce and could've just herded the group into the trap from the beginning.

Kills in Lost TapesEdit

All of the hoaxers planning to hoax a sighting of the Dover Demon:

  • Chad Hurliss
  • Shannon Hurliss
  • Glenn Diffy
  • Royce Best