Note: "Glimpse of cryptid" describes a part of the creature that we see in the episode. "Fatalities caused" describes who and what the creature killed and how they killed it.

Season one (2008-2009)

Ep# Episode title Original airdate[1] Subject matter
1 "Chupacabra" October 30, 2008 Chupacabra

A family (a mother, a father, and their daughter who is using a camcorder) attempts to cross the border from Mexico to the United States. In the desert, they hear strange sounds and fear that something is stalking them. Eventually they are filmed fleeing from something in terror. Later in the night, two US Border Patrol officers find the parents dead from a strange neck wound, but there is very little blood. They also find the daughter who is mentally traumatized. As the officers search for other survivors, their cameras record a brief glimpse of something with glowing eyes (signs of an animal with night vision) in the bushes. When the creature snarls and charges at them, the officers open fire and flee.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: Bloodcurdling growls and screeches can be heard as the family runs from it. A canine figure appears as a heat signature on an infrared camera. A pair of glowing eyes are also visible on the Border Patrol officers mini-cameras before they shoot at the Chupacabra.
  • Fatalities caused: Two confirmed, the parents of the family that tried to cross the border. Possibly the Chupacabra itself after it was shot by the Border Patrol officers. Also the officers found a dead raccoon and a possible gopher or meerkat.
2 "Bigfoot" October 30, 2008 Bigfoot

Deep in the woods, a naturalist and forest ranger, Rachel H. Glen is studying black bears. She discovers and disables several wire traps in the area, one of which she gets caught in. She doesn't know that she is being stalked by a poacher. She finds that one of her surveillance cameras has been tampered with and also finds a hair sample about 8 1/2 feet up a tree. She investigates a den, assuming that it belongs to a bear. After sending the hair sample to her friend, they discover that the hair is "primate like." She has a few run-ins with the poacher, who is implied to be responsible for the declining bear population. When Rachel acquires the poacher's video camera, she realizes that he is stalking her. She writes about how she feels like "something" is also watching over her, with little indication of what it is. She is then ambushed by the poacher at her home, but as he tries to run off, he is killed in a scuffle with a mostly-unseen but apparently very large and strong creature. At the end, the naturalist abandons her work, declaring that there are more things in life yet to be discovered.

This is the first episode where the protagonist emerges unhurt both physically and mentally. She is disgusted to see the dead poacher hanging from the tree though.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: A dark figure or entity can be seen in the woods on several occasions by the security camera as well as the ranger's camera. The creature's mournful wail can also be heard in the background. After the death of the poacher the creature's hand is quickly seen disappearing into the night.
  • Fatalities caused: One. The poacher was battered to death and found hanging from his own trap. Apparently, the creature was trying to protect Rachel.
3 "Monster of Monterey" January 6, 2009 Sea serpent

In the summer of 2007, professional sailor and magazine writer Sharon Novak is broadcasting her solo sailing trip around the world over the net, while chatting with her boyfriend and co-writer, Charles, back home. As Sharon begins her final approach home to Monterey Bay, her boat is struck several times. Although her boyfriend suggests that she not go into the water, she dives to inspect her backup motor engine, finding it clogged with a chunk of what she assumes is whale flesh. She follows a distress call to an abandoned boat, with what appears to be blood all over one side. Panicked now, she decides that she definitely should not go into the water. One of her cameras is destroyed and she investigates, but she is struck thrice more and falls overboard. She is last seen struggling to get back in her boat as it drifts off and is never seen again.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: The vague silhouette of an underwater plesiosaur-like creature can be seen twice on the top of the screen from the camera views. In the first glimpse, the creature is passing by the boat while the woman is on board. In the next, it is heading for her after she fell overboard.
  • Fatalities caused: Two. Sharon fails to make it back to the boat and either drowns or gets eaten by the creature. An unnamed, previous victim's blood is seen on an empty boat, indicating that the creature had killed him.
4 "Swamp Monster" January 6, 2009 Honey Island Swamp monster

Dr. Chapman and her nephew, Ethan, are surveying the Honey Island Swamp for gator population following Hurricane Katrina, unaware that the legendary Swamp Monster of Honey Island (also known as the Tainted Keitre) is in their area. After a gator eats/crushes their tracking gear, the duo try to exit the swamp but only get lost. There they meet a fisherman named Bud Ray, camping in the area. At one point Ethan steps in a nest of large, hard-shelled eggs. Bud Ray warns them to stay at his camp once it becomes dark, telling them stories about the legendary Swamp Monster that stalks the bayou at night to hunt. However, Dr. Chapman is skeptical of this, believing it to be the Bayou's equivalent of the Bogeyman. Around midnight, the creature appears and attacks the trio; the fisherman is found hurt outside the tent as they rush in. The monster soon swipes at them and destroys the tent entrance, but the trio make it through the night alive after firing at the monster. All that is left in the end are eggshells of an unknown species. The epilogue states that Dr. Chapman and her nephew continue to search the swamp for evidence of the creature, while Bud Ray still goes out to the bayou but is fearful to go out at night.

  • Glimpse of the cryptid: A hairy, bipedal creature can be seen through the foliage when the two are walking through the swamp with Bud Ray. The hand and part of the upper body of the creature can be seen tearing through the tent. The creatures eggs are also shown one of which is crushed.
  • Fatalities caused: One, Ethan steps on one the monsters eggs, killing the embryo.
5 "Oklahoma Octopus" January 13, 2009 Lake monster

A group of teens decide to spend their last time together at a nearby lake, which is infamous for its high drowning rate, which is believed by some to be caused by a species of freshwater octopus. After swimming out to a raft, they are attacked by one or more of these creatures which attempt to pick them off one by one as part of their food source. By the end of the night, two of the five teens barely escape, while the bodies of the other three teens were never found. The two that survived were said to have "unexplained blisters on their limbs."

  • Glimpse of cryptid: Tentacles like those of an octopus can be seen coming out of the water several times.
  • Fatalities caused: Three of the teens are killed and presumably eaten by the beast.
6 "Devil Dragon" January 20, 2009 Megalania

Survivalist Tim Akron is filming a survival show on a remote island near Australia. The premise is that he is dropped into a remote environment with no food, no crew, and no contact with the outside world for seven days, similar to Survivorman. During a demonstration on how to capture burrowing animals for food, he is bitten on the forearm by an unseen creature. Within a day the bite becomes badly infected, and he must constantly flee the creature, which is stalking the man after biting him, similar to the behavior of Komodo dragons. By the third night, Tim runs to a village about 5 miles away to get medical help, but then the creature makes its move and attacks. Tim is dragged into the bushes after dropping his camera. His body was never found. The following day, natives find his camera equipment covered in saliva; tests show that it is swarming with bacteria and belongs to a "yet to be identified" reptilian species.

  • Glimpse of the cryptid: The roars of the creature are constantly heard as the man runs from it. Part of the creature is briefly seen as it knocks over the camera.
  • Fatalities caused: One. The camera man was attacked and killed by the creature.
7 "Cave Demons" January 27, 2009 Olitiau

On January 25, 2002, United States Marine Forces in Afghanistan experience sonar interference coming from a cave near Tora Bora, which screws up their sonar cave-mapping system. Believing it to be a jamming device built by the Taliban or Al-Queda, three U.S marines, corporals Sawyer and Wade, and sergeant Carlos Ramos, investigate the cave, using helmet cameras to record their mission, which is to find the source of the interference and destroy it. As they venture deeper into the cave they discover large amounts of bats and guano all over the cave. Corporal Wade falls into a booby trap and falls into a lower section of the cave, breaking his back. As he lies there, he spots something flying past. The others find him and he seems delirious, and mutters that what he saw looked "like a lady" (possibly a reference to how most batlike cryptids are known to have eerily feminine features). One of the remaining Marines shouts excitedly that a woman might be down there and can help them, but the other dismisses it as a hallucination. The remaining Marines quickly reach his position and decide to investigate the signal first which was close to their position. As they reach the signal, the signal disappears and reappears at Wade's position. Wade is then heard firing off his M4 carbine and screams of pain. The two Marines rush to his position only to find him dead. The two Marines leave Wade's body to find the interference. They come across "a whole nest of them", as described by one of the Marines and are attacked by an entire swarm of the creatures. It destroys their flashlights as they fire their weapons at the creatures. A rescue party is sent in after the booby trap causes the team to lose radio contact with the outside, and the rescue party only finds Ramos limping away from the cave and with a rare case of rabies. He is sent home and reunited with his wife and kids. It is theorized that the Marines' gunfire somehow killed or wounded the creatures as they left the sergeant to leave the cave alive. The bodies of Wade and Sawyer were never recovered.

  • Glimpse of the cryptid: There are louder than average bat screams when the Marines are attacked. Wade's helmet camera also shows him from behind, held down by a giant brownish winged creature. The cryptid appears attacking the Marines again; this time, it seemed to be hanging from the ceiling.
  • Fatalities caused: Two. Wade is attacked, killed, and even partially decapitated by an unknown flying creature. Sawyer's death is unknown. It's possible that the creatures themselves were killed as well.
8 "Death Raptor" January 27, 2009 Owlman

The episode shows a pair of paranormal investigators called to research reports of demonic activity near a church. Peter Grey, the leader, and his timid camerawoman, Jolene, go into the church and are frightened by a mentally unstable old woman named Hazel from Cornwall. She starts a hysterical scream of a demon beast she saw, but the Archdeacon of the church appears and berates her. He describes the monster people had seen, a large flying monster, with giant wings, red glowing eyes, and pointed ears. Assuming the creature is an owl, they investigate in the belfry because "owls live in belfrys". They find large bird droppings, a dead and severely mutilated chicken, and (most disturbingly) an owl pellet (the size of Peter's head) containing a human mandible. They then interview a girl who saw the so-called "Demon". The girl, Sue Anne Mills, began to have mental problems after her encounter. She reveals that the monster is aware of their presence and wants to stop them. They leave for the forest where she saw the animal, and Jolene begins to feel ill. Suddenly, the bird attacks and swoops down on them. It knocks the camerawoman down, briefly causes Sue Anne to go missing, and trips Mrs. Mills, but all escape unharmed and run to the church... as the creature follows. The archdeacon and Hazel enter and Hazel reveals that the monster is after Sue Anne. The archdeacon spots the monster and calls for everyone to hide in the altar, the holiest room in the church, but the bird chases them in there as well. Everyone crouches behind seats except for Hazel, who stands where she was, while the archdeacon shouts at her to come back. In a shocking twist, Hazel shouts "It wants the girl because she's young and vulnerable...but so is an old woman!", and walks nonchalantly down the aisle. Everyone screams for her to come back, but she ignores them, and allows the monster to attack and presumably devour her. At the epilogue, it's revealed that the researchers were so frightened, they gave up their work indefinitely. Sue Anne recovered, and lived a normal existence. Hazel's disappearance was never explained, but her sacrifice caused sightings of the creature to diminish; however, since the incident, screams are still heard in the woods near the church giving indication the creature is still out there.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: An owl-like shriek can be heard during the attacks. One can see its wings as it attacks Sue Anne and then Hazel. A large, human-like shadow with giant flapping wings is briefly seen on the walls of the church as well.
  • Fatalities caused: At least one. Hazel sacrifices herself to the monster in order to protect Sue Anne. An unnamed victim's mandible is found in an owl pellet as well. Also, a chicken is found dead and partially eaten.
9 "Megaconda" February 3, 2009 Giant anaconda

This episode shows two animal activists Scott Summer and Evan Metcath gathering information on a textile company run by Ken Tobar, who also sells illegal animals. The scene is filmed via the camera the two are holding and security cameras dotted everywhere in a warehouse in San Jose, California. It begins with the two outside the gate of the warehouse. They are filming what they find, so they make an introduction to their findings. Scott then places a rug over the barbed wire fence, and they both crawl over. They are unaware that security guard Larry Johnson and his dog Bishop are patrolling the area. Using a crowbar, the two break into the warehouse, and start investigating. The security guard hears them, and starts looking for the sounds from inside the warehouse. The two end up finding a large room full of illegal lizards, snakes, and even some sort of large cat, possibly a jaguar since the sound the unknown animal made was very similar to that of a jaguar. The room is recorded on tape, and as they attempt to leave, Larry catches up with them and demands to know what is going on. As the two explain, he pulls out a gun and takes the tape out of the camera they are holding. He moves away from the two and tells them to get out. After the guard hurries away, Evan reveals that he has an extra tape, and they redo the scene. At the same time, Larry finds out that a huge crate with something in it, has been opened, and whatever was in it is not in it anymore. Suddenly, Bishop goes crazy when he sees something. The scene cuts back to Scott and Evan, who managed to find illegal animal parts being stocked. Then, the two hear a hissing sound that comes from behind them. They then decide to leave, and they think they find an exit. It goes back to Larry, and his dog breaks away from the guard and chases after something. The guard then goes after his dog. Larry then finds his dog, dead, by some crates. There is a large blood smear that leads to the dog, which makes the guard believe that whatever got him, dragged him there. He takes off running for the exit when he hears the same hissing sound. When it goes back to the other two, they find the large crate open and what they find inside is a snakeskin the size of a large rug. They later find a possible exit blocked by a crate. Scott then jumps on top of it, only to be grabbed by something from above. The man yells, but stops, dropping his crowbar. Evan panics. He rushes back the way he came and runs into the guard. They both dash for the exit, and escape the building. They hop the fence and run for their lives, leaving behind the camera with the tape inside. Later, Ken Tobar, the owner of the warehouse, shows up, and finds the camera. The camera shows his face, and he says, "Huh! This is my lucky day!" But then, he seems to be grabbed by something from behind. His scream is heard before the camera fades to static. Unfortunately, the security cameras do not show his fate. In the aftermath, Evan and Larry's testimony prompted the FBI to search the warehouse, and confiscate a large number of exotic animals and animal parts. However, they were unable to find the creature Evan and Larry described. It can be assumed that the creature escaped into the wild.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: The security tapes catch the view of the snake slithering by the security guard and his dog. You also hear lots of hissing sounds from behind and above. When the guard and Evan try to open the warehouse gate, the security cameras capture a brief shot of a giant snake slithering towards them. After the cameraman drops his camera, a brief shot of the snake slithering past the camera is seen.
  • Fatalities caused: Three. Larry's dog Bishop, Scott, and Tobar.
10 "Thunderbird" February 3, 2009 Thunderbird (cryptozoology)

In November 2007, three Chicago youths plan to go to a place called "the ditch" to make a skateboarding video of themselves, breaking into a restricted area of a national park to get there. At first it was one boy, Paxton Reed, and his best friend Kevin Weller, but his friend brings his little brother Cole, because he has "mad skills". Cole soon has to go to the bathroom, and the two are left alone during the hike. Something large suddenly swoops down on them, and they are frightened. The younger boy returns from his rest stop, and believes that the others are lying when they claim that they saw a huge bird. Later, however, they find a dead canine (possibly a dog, coyote, or fox), hanging from (or impaled by) a branch. Disgusted at this sight (though naturally, being young boys, taking their time to poke it with a stick) they continue. They make it to "the ditch" but Cole tries a new skateboarding trick causing him to fall and break his leg. The two others leave to find help (though Paxton suggests that they leave him behind and go home) and they hear "the bird" from above. Kevin suddenly gets called on his cell by his little brother on which they hear him scream and a bird screech. They frantically head to his location, but all they find is his skateboard and his helmet on the ground and his shoe hanging in a tree. In the epilogue, it is revealed that Cole Weller was discovered, badly injured, but still alive, at the bottom of a freeway interpass. He had no recollection of what happened to him.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: A large shadow can be seen above the boys, accompanied with a shrieking noise, reminiscent of a red-tailed hawk, as well as prehistoric sounding "crooooooo" noises, making it possible (although unrealistic), that the creature is of prehistoric origin (possibly Quetzalcoatlus). In this episode, the creature's behavior is also shown, as it is shown to impale its prey on branches, much like a shrike.
  • Fatalities caused: One. A canine is found dead. The boys fear that their friend is killed too, but he is fortunately found alive.
11 "Skin-Walker" February 10, 2009 Skin-walker

On a return visit home from college, Allen Miller plans to videotape the ranch life he was raised into for his girlfriend. Also, he sees this as a chance to reconnect with his father Sam; they became estranged when Allen opted for college rather than take over the family business. That day, they decide to check on a mother sheep on the north edge of their property. Along the way, they encounter a strange native clad in wolf skin. They just shrug it off, however. When they get to the northernmost part of the ranch, Sam finds fresh coyote tracks in the area. Wanting to protect their sheep, Sam begins looking for it. During their search, strange things begin happening. The coyote tracks turn into human footprints, then they start hearing familiar voices from home although the truck's radio is turned off. They then hear the mother sheep cry out and a coyote in the background. Sam, having already lost too many of his livestock, manages to find the coyote and shoot it. However, it seemed to have disappeared. When they reach the pen holding the mother sheep, they find her dead and her baby missing. They then start hearing the howls of a whole pack of coyotes. Sensing that their family back home is in danger, they decide to head back home post haste. Along the way back, they nearly hit someone with their truck. When they go out to check on him, all that is left of him is his wolf skin pelt, wrapped around their missing baby sheep. Just down the road they see a coyote fleeing the scene. Impacted by the strange events back home, Allen went back to school and later switched his major from political sciences to Native American mythology.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: Footprints of the creature transition from coyote to human; a quick shot of the beast is seen running across the road as the father and son flee in their truck. Also, a wolf/coyote is caught transforming from beast to human.
  • Fatalities caused: One. A mother sheep was killed supposedly by the creature.
12 "Mothman" February 10, 2009 Mothman

A few days after the Silver Bridge collapse, the FBI bring in Roy Kirby, a man who witnessed the collapse, as well as his home movie footage. He tells the two men who are interrogating him, Major Tom Williams and his partner Carl Montgomery, that he frequently saw a large strange creature in the two weeks before the collapse. He soon grew obsessed with the creature, straining his relationship with his disbelieving wife Nancy. As expected, the two agents don't believe him, even going as far as to accuse Roy of causing the collapse. But Roy then remembers what an old woman he was trying to save from the collapse said: she saw it too. The FBI release him, but take his footage. Roy resumes life with his wife, and promises never to speak of the creature again. (In the epilogue, it is stated that a woman saw a moth man-like creature before the I-35 collapse though)

  • Glimpse of cryptid: Several shots of the creature's glowing eyes as well as one shot of the creature flying off. Silhouettes of the creature appear too. Animated renderings of the Mothman, created by Sixus 1 Media, were also seen in-between the nonfiction's pieces.
  • Fatalities caused: Forty-six. Due to the bridge collapse supposedly caused by the monster. However the show used the warning theory about Mothman so it is possible that the mothman actually saved people.
13 "Death Worm" February 17, 2009 Mongolian Death Worm

Two ATV racers (both placed at the last two spots) competing in a three day, 500 mile race across the Gobi Desert get lost. They rest in the desert for a while, but one of them is attacked by something. It strikes again later that night, this time leaving a corrosive venom on his leg, rendering him immobile. His partner leaves to find help (though the other seems to be aware that he won't live) and the other is dragged away by something large. The first one returns but can't find his partner; he takes his camera to deliver a message to anyone who finds it; only to reveal a swarm of creatures appearing then attacking him . In the epilogue, it's revealed that the bodies of the racers were never found, but their vehicles were. The authorities dismissed the burrows left at the site.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: The creature is seen burrowing several times. One of the racer's cameras sees the creature's head under the ATV. The helmet cam catches multiple creatures attacking the racer. It is hard to tell whether or not the quick shot of a large, red object attacking the camera was a "glimpse" as it took place during the intro and after the epilogue.
  • Fatalities caused: Two. The first racer was apparently dragged into the sand. The second racer was surrounded and attacked by multiple creatures.
14 "Hellhound" February 17, 2009 Black Shuck

A group of four goth college students are ready to induct a new member to their group. Annabel Lilith, the leader, doubts the worthiness of this girl, whose name is "Nora Callarman", and plans to scare her. After picking "Nora" up, they all encounter a giant, rottweiler-like dog ("Nora" doesn't see it, as she is blindfolded) which promptly disappears. They head to a graveyard and "Nora" is given a test (she is still blindfolded so she can't see what's happening). They soon begin the initiation ritual. Suddenly, the dog returns, barks at them and vanishes. Everyone freaks out but Annabel Lilith refuses to believe it is supernatural, and thinks it ran off, calling it a "sign". It had left a patch of scorched earth behind. Continuing the ritual, Annabel Lilith then forces "Nora" to drink what looks to be blood, but it is actually fake. Because "Nora" drank it with no fear or disgust, she is accepted. She begins bonding with Severin, the only boy of the group, but their walk is cut short when the dog appears. She tells Severin not to look at it. When it leaves, they find the others, with one of them having twisted her ankle after "running from that stupid dog". "Nora" reveals, with near expert perfection, that "if you see it three times, you will die". Annabel Lilith thinks she's trying to scare them, but they decide to leave. As they leave, the engine nearly fails but starts up again. Annabel Lilith and "Nora" get into an argument, and only Severin notices a car coming toward them. In a flash, the crash site is shown, and "Nora", bleeding heavily but otherwise unharmed, tries to wake Severin. It does not take her long to realize that he is dead and says, in a piteous tone,"You looked." She then leaves, petting the black dog as it trails beside her. It is revealed in the epilogue that there was no record that "Nora" was enrolled in the university or that she even existed. As a result, her true identity was unknown. As for the other teens, they were declared dead at the crash site, which had a sulfurous smell to it afterward.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: A security camera, as well as Severin, the cameraman, filmed the rottweiler-like creature jumping on the car. During the ceremony, the creature is seen at a distance barking at them. When the creature is chasing "Nora" and Serverin, they both freeze; the camera catches the creature barking in their faces while both of the teens' eyes were closed. At the crash site, Severin's broken camera catches the creature following "Nora" as she leaves the crash site, but appears to have lost its supernatural abilities, as "Nora" is able to pet it without harm. To date, these are the clearest views of a creature yet. But the creature is not found. And "Nora" was never enrolled at the school.
  • Fatalities caused: Four. Four of the five teens were killed in a car crash with another vehicle after seeing the creature three times. The fate of the people in the other car is uncertain. Five if you count "Nora" as she was heavily implied to be a ghost.

Season Two (2009-2010)

Ep# Episode title Original airdate[1] Subject matter
1 "Vampire" September 29, 2009 Vampire

The Redding Family has just moved into a new house and has installed cameras to monitor their 9 year old son in case he sleepwalks like he did a year before. The son is in his room when the closet door opens by an unseen figure, after he and his mother have left, leaving the camera behind, the closet slowly closes shut. In the middle of the night, a hairy sort of human looking creature walks next the boy's bed, he starts screaming, scaring the creature away. The next day the son goes into the basement looking for his teddy bear and finds an exterminator trying to find the raccoons they think are there. He finds some nests and the creature attacks and kills him. After the family notices he's been gone for a while, the son goes into the basement finding the nests and his body. The creature comes out and chases him upstairs. The family tries to hold the basement door shut, but it forces it open. They hide in the boy's bedroom with the door barricaded, but the creature claws a giant hole in the door and grabs at the husband. In desperation, he grabs a broken off chunk of wood and stabs it repeatedly in the chest until it falls away. The Animal's body is not recovered.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: The creature is seen on a security camera killing a man in the prologue. When the boy is sleeping a hairy human-like creature comes by his bed. When the exterminator finds the nests you can see a very ugly, purple, skinless creature with veins popping out attack him. When the boy finds the exterminator's body you can see the vampiric creature chasing him.
  • Fatalities caused: Two. The exterminator is drained of blood. Also a man was being attacked on a security camera at a gas station. The vampire might have been killed when the husband stabbed it.
2 "Lizard Man" September 29, 2009 Lizard Man

News cameras document a local fire department's descent into the murky depths of the city sewer in response to a old lady whose cat Mr. Smithers is trapped underground or as she states 'pulled under.' They head underground a find a skinless carcass and assume it's Mr. Smithers, but they hear a meow. They travel more and find the cat, but he runs off so the female firefighter calls his name and a dark figure jumps at her and attacks. The rest of the group hear screams and a male firefighter tells the newspeople to stay and he finds the female, alive with some scrapes and cuts, possibly bites. Meanwhile, the newspeople wander off and the dark figure attacks them, the firefighters hear and run towards them, only to find the newscaster dead and partially eaten. The two find a way out of the sewer but the male doesn't fit and the monster is heading towards them so the male runs to the monster and tells the female to stay and you can see the shadows of the male with a torch clearly and hear growling. You can hear the male screaming and there is silence. The female sees a figure coming towards her and she cries out she will kill the monster and to stay back but it's revealed that it is just the male, alive. The cameraman might of escaped as his body is not shown. Also, the cat may have survived.

  • Glimpse of cryptid: When the female firefighter goes to see if the cat is dead, you can see a dark figure jump out at her. The creatures arms can be seen when it is attacked by the fireman. Also a large figure is seen in the prologue.
  • Fatalities caused: Two. The News reporter is attacked and killed by the creature. The Lizard man itself was slain by the firemen.

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