moth man

The Mothman is a strange birdlike quasi-humanoid reported from Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia. It was seen before the silver bridge collapsed. It is a harbinger of doom.

Lost TapesEdit

Point Pleasant, West Virgina. On December 18, 1967, three days after the collapse of the Silver Bridge in the Ohio River, the FBI, brought in one man, Roy Kirby, who was accused of being behind the tragedy. Unable to get answers from Roy, they send Agent Tom Williams to the interrogation room. Roy comes to his senses, and begins talking. On one night, Roy gets out from bed, looked out his window, and saw a shadow of a winged creature. His wife, Nancy Kirby, begins to become irritated when Roy does nothing but focus on this "winged creature". Realizing this to be nothing but craziness, they end up arguing and left. Finally on the day of collapse, December 15th, Roy, begins to experience many sightings of the creature. Finally the bridge collapsed, he got it on footage. One man reporting the news finds a man, Roy himself rescuing a woman. After the rescue, the woman says she also saw the winged creature. After the interrogation, no chargers were dropped on Roy. He gratefully returns home to his wife, and vowed never to speak of the creature again, and no mothman reports have occurred ever since. However in 2007, a Minnesota woman claimed to have seen a mothman-like creature before the collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis.


46 confirmed.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has the highest number of deaths in a single episode in the entire series.