Poltergeist is a 28 episode of the third season of Lost Tapes.


In June 2018, in Lake View, Colorado, Megan Golden is talking (FaceTiming) with her friends on her laptop computer in her room. Her younger brother Troy Golden comes in and says to her that he is making a video f asks her if she can say anything and annoyed, she tells him to get out. They soon get in an argument which causes one of Megan's stuff to go flying from her bookshelf and then the entire bookshelf falls on her when Troy angrily responds to his older sister's comment about him being a "freak". After this incident, the parents Mark and Jennifer Golden hire a paranormal investigation team consisting of Jeremy Reynolds, Kristy Johnston who is paraplegic, and Bill "Shots" Cooper, to help the family. The team film the account for their TV show, "Paranormal Encounters". While testing to see if Troy could move a pen without touching it, he told them that he can't do it but the pen suddenly moves. That night, Troy suddenly wakes up, screaming after objects in his room move on their own and a stuffed panda in his arms is replaced by a butcher knife of unknown origin. After moving the Goldens to Jennifer's parents house (where they moved Megan after the bookshelf incident), the team begins their investigation. They enter Troy Golden's room, where the paranormal activity seems to be strongest. The closet door shuts behind Bill on its own, knocking him into a wall and revealing a box. They find newspapers from 1985 inside the box that tell them of a sadistic man named Charles Weatherly, who lived in the house twenty years ago. The newspapers state that Charles brutally murdered his family with a knife and then killed himself and Jeremy shows it to Kristy. They conclude that Charles' ghost is haunting the house as a poltergeist, and they become determined to get rid of him. They hear ghostly utterances of "Leave," and Jeremy sees something in a window. When he investigates, he sees an image of himself holding a knife through the window, but it vanishes. Kristy suddenly gets thrown against the wall and begins convulsing, and the lights in the house go out and is now in night vision mode. When Jeremy and Bill try to help her, a sinister-sounding voice says "Leave!" through her, and she dies soon afterward. While Jeremy refuses to let the poltergeist win, Bill tries to leave with Kristy's corpse, but sees a message written in blood on a mirror: "Too Late." Seconds later, he is killed by Charles in cold blood as well and Jeremy goes in and turns Bill's head to find that he is standing still like a statue. Finally, Jeremy concedes victory to the ghost and tries to leave, but the door keeps locking itself as he tries to get out, and he suddenly hears the voice of Troy Golden calling him for help from the bedroom, thinking that he was being held hostage by Charles. Jeremy warily walks upstairs and enters the bedroom, to find it empty. Then, the door opens and he turns around to see the apparent ghost of Charles Weatherly, which can only be seen by him and the camera he is holding a butcher knife in his hand and covered in blood and he screams as the poltergeist attacks and kills him in cold blood. After the investigators' bodies/corpses were discovered, their deaths were officially attributed to cardiac arrest. The Golden family sell their house and moved away. According to the state law, they were not required to disclose why they moved.