Swamp Creature

The Swamp Creature as seen in Lost Tapes

Swamp Creature (aka Honey Island Swamp Monster) is a cryptid that is said to be half man and half alligator. It was reported to have seen in Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana since 1963. The Local Cajuns call it the "Tainted Keitre". According to Native American legend, the swamp creature (called "Letiche") was said to be a little boy who was raised by alligators and ate flesh.


According to the Lost Tapes site on Animal Planet, the Swamp Creature "is said to be covered in a thick coat of matted gray or brown hair. Its yellow eyes are seemingly reptilian, and the smell it emits has been called the stench of death. This primitive creature has long been blamed for the deaths of livestock and the mysterious disappearances of children in adjacent areas."


The Swamp Creature only attacks if something or someone where to disturb its nest (or eggs). In Lost Tapes, the professor's nephew Ethan had stepped on one of its eggs, thus the Swamp Creature pursued them for revenge. Fortunately, no one was killed, but Bud Ray (the fisherman) was injured but resumed to fish. It is mentioned that from then on he does not wander off in the swamp at night.