The vampire is a monster defined in that it sucks the blood of humans. It is usually a human corpse that comes to life and feeds on human blood.

Apperances in multi-mediaEdit

The typical vampire is a usually tall, mostly pale creature, who has an eternal taste for blood. The vampire always comes out at night, either as a bat, a wolf, or as a cloaked figure. If a vampire is to come into sunlight, it will combust into ashes.

Attacks and WeaknessesEdit

The modern vampire is armed with sharp fangs, and can use hypnosis to stun victims as it goes in for the kill. Rarely, the vampire will spare the victim, making that person turn into another vampire. However, a vampire isn't immortal; it can be killed by a stake through the heart, or by decapitation. It may also be warded off by garlic or a crucifix, which will keep them at bay, but won't kill them. Also if a beautiful woman attracts them then you'll be Ok (If you're a male) as long as she is attractive and innocent and smells great.

As seen in Lost TapesEdit

The vampire remains the same, but it takes a more human form, killing people who come near it. It lives on the basement of the Redding house. Initially, they make noises on the ceiling while they move but it was initially thought to be a raccoon infestation. During the night while Eddie is sleeping, one of the vampire crept out of the closet and snatched Rugles. However, it ended up waking up  Eddie who screamed in terror. The vampire managed to escape just before the arrival of Dennis and Sarah. The next day, exterminator Stan Polanski was hired to get rid of the "racoon infestation". Polanski spots a hole in the basement and investigated. Using a snake cam, he spotted a couple of nest made up of debris. He also see a strange humanoid embedded in one of the nest. Then, the creature jumps out and kills Polanski. Eventually, the Redding Family noticed that Polanski has been gone for a long time and sends Eddie to go to the basement. While in the basement, Eddie is spotted by one of the vampires after tragically finding Stan’s body and tries to escape. Eddie and Sarah tries to hold off the door, but the vampire manages to break the door of the hinges. The Redding family then hides in Eddie's bedroom while being pursued by at least 3 vampires. One of them managed to break a hole on the door. As a last ditch effort, Dennis stabbed the beast with a piece of the wooden door and the beast suddenly vaporizes and the others run away. Days later, a mining community 60 miles away was attacked by creatures that are similar to the vampires.

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