A werewolf as seen in Lost Tapes

A werewolf (aka Lycanthrope) is a person who is half-man and half-wolf and has the ability to transform into a wolf or wolf-like creature. A werewolf can only shape-shifts under a full moon.


It is said that werewolves have extra-human senses and strength far beyond that of a normal wolf or human. The Lost Tapes description states that according to legend, the werewolf can be identified in their human form by their low-set ears, curved fingernails, swinging stride, eyebrows that meet at the bridge of the nose and bristles under the tongue. Some claim that, if cut, a werewolf will have fur in their wound. In their wolf form, the werewolf of legend commonly looks like a regular wolf with no tail, human eyes and the capability of speech."

Becoming a werewolfEdit

Usually the common method is getting bit by one, but there are other methods besides witchcraft:

  • Remove all of one's clothing and wear a belt made of wolf skin.
  • Drinking rainwater from a wolf's paw print.
  • Sleeping outside on a specific night.
  • Letting the full moon shine on one face.
  • Performing a satanic ritual involving magic ointment and an enchanted girdle.
  • It was believed that those who invoked god's wrath or were excommunicated by the Roman Catholic church were turned into werewolves by divine punishment (which is untrue).
  • Some were born into lycanthropy, notably those with epilepsy or children birthed on new moons.

Stopping/Curing a WerewolfEdit

There are various methods that would cure or stop a werewolf (not silver bullets):


  • Rye and mistletoe.
  • House situated under mountain ash.
  • Wolf's bane.


  • In medieval Europe, alleged werewolves were cured through medical or surgical means or through exorcism.
  • Repeating the werewolf's Christian name three times.
  • Scolding the werewolf.

Kills in Lost TapesEdit

  • The suspect (suspicious of being the "Beast Killer") Austin Pace and Sophie Montero (who was a werewolf, probably the "Beast Killer" and responsible for the 21 murders of innocent people). The two sergeants named Clifford Warren and Javier Mendoza survived from the werewolf attack and were separately given a psychiatric leave before resigning from the force. The term "werewolf", however, was not used in any of the official files, though Austin’s film raises questions.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has the second highest number of deaths in a single episode, just behind the Mothman, which resulted in 46 deaths due to a bridge collapse.
  • This episode serves as a successor to "Skin Walker" because of its similarity.